About HopeSpring Wellbeing

HopeSpring Wellbeing was founded in 2017 as the therapeutic and holistic healthcare arm of HopeSpring. HopeSpring is a charity located in the heart of the North East that seeks to serve the various physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the region. All of HopeSpring Wellbeing's healthcare is supervised by a health psychologist and designed to provide holistic therapies, counselling and courses to clients in both an individual and group settings.

HopeSpring Wellbeing benefits from being fluent in both the latest developments from within health psychology and also Schema Therapy. Many traditional psychodynamic and integrative models of psychotherapy have been proven limited in their ability to give clients the lifelong and lasting change they are looking for, whilst conventional psychological approaches have tended to emphasise the purely biological mechanisms that are at work in personality disorders and mental health issues, such as depression, bipolar and schizophrenia, downplaying the social and relationship-based capacity for an individual to find healing outside of receiving a medical prescription.


As a wider charity, HopeSpring provides support and care for some of the most vulnerable people in the North East through our people-based interventions. With a highly committed team of trained professional staff as well as full time volunteers, we support regional projects in the following areas:

Young People's Care

Every week we provide 25 beautifully wrapped hampers for young people leaving care consisting of toiletries, household cleaning products, tinned and fresh food and personal hygiene products. This helps at one of the most vulnerable times in the lives of these young people.

Mother & Baby Home

HopeSpring's latest project providing home and support for young women in the care system, giving them the opportunity to bond with and keep their babies that they would otherwise lose.

Therapeutic School

HopeSpring Therapeutic School works alongside local authorities to help bring about transformation in the lives of young people who have experienced serious difficulties in mainstream education. Subjects like maths and English are taught by trained therapists working in dual teaching roles, allowing for cognitive behavioural treatment with emotional regulation alongside academic excellence so these young people can be helped to success post school and perhaps prevent a cycle of care or offending.